ASK Health releases new report on Charitable Donations and Mutual Aid in Healthcare

With the support of Pfizer China and Takeda China, ASK Health, adhering to the vision of providing everyone with access to high-quality and affordable medical services, conducted an in-depth study on “charitable donations and mutual aid” in 2020. Together with industry and think tank partners, we released a report titled Supplementary Form of Medical Security-Charitable Donations and Mutual Aid in Healthcare: Improve the Multi-level Medical Security System that reflects our latest research outcomes. The report aims to further promote the development of charitable donations and mutual aid in China.

The report reviews the development history of the medical security system, charitable donations and mutual aid in healthcare area in China, gives an in-depth analysis on the status quo, and puts forward the corresponding policy and industry development suggestions. Charitable assistance and mutual aid in healthcare is an important part of the national medical security system. Thus, there is an urgent need to accelerate the development of relevant model innovation, government supervision, and public-private sector collaboration, to accelerate the progress in poverty alleviation and stably develop the medical security system in China.