Delivering Health for All through Joint Learning

The Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research organized by the Joint Learning Network (JLN) was held on October 10, 2018. The session entitled Solving UHC Challenges through Practitioner-to-Practitioner Learning included a mini-demonstration of the joint learning model by JLN members Dr. Omar Ahmed Omar Mohammed from Kenya, Dr. Kamaliah Noh from Malaysia, Dr. Nneka Orji from Nigeria, and John Ryu from South Korea.

After an introduction the attendees selected a group of their choice for facilitated discussions with topics Improving Primary Health Care through Measured Performance, Not, Balancing the Act of Designing a Health Benefits Policy, Making Quality and Cost Efficiency Gains in Health Care Services, and Domestic Resource Mobilization for Universal Health Coverage.

Attendees benefitted by gaining insight on the how to and importance of connecting with peers with varying backgrounds to learn, share and address challenges for universal health coverage.

A thorough recap of the session can be found here.