How Fintech for Health partnerships in India provide healthcare financing for cancer patients

Raman anxiously awaits his mother’s test results at one of the leading private hospitals in Bangalore, India. Working as a clerk for a small commercial business, Raman earns $476 USD per month. While supporting a family of four – his wife, child, and widowed mother – Raman barely makes ends meet each month. He has already spent $544 out-of-pocket for preliminary diagnostics to determine his mother’s cancer status. He is told the rest of her tests will cost between $270 and $350. The treatment, which includes surgery to remove a tumor found in her right breast, will cost around $4,762. Raman has basic insurance coverage from his employer for himself, his wife, and his child but his mother remains uncovered. The treatment in a public hospital would be less expensive, however public hospitals are overcrowded with a waitlist of 6-8 weeks for cancer surgery.

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