Improving the Lives of the Elderly: Startup Innovation and the Unmissable Opportunities in Aging


The beautiful visuals and videos for our Modern Aging Singapore program were created by Gone Adventurin’, our wonderful storytelling partner. Paula Miquelis, a project manager at Gone Adventurin’, has written an article in Medium about Modern Aging and their experience collaborating with us. The introduction is below and you can click here to see the whole piece, including bonus photos that have not been published before. For more information about the program, please visit the Modern Aging website.

Asia is confronting a big economic and social obstacle: Population Aging. When some are quite pessimistic about the consequences of this reality —the shrink of the labor force compared to the growing elderly population, no money for pensions, etc. — some entrepreneurs, organisations and countries such as Singapore perceive it as a great opportunity. The elder care market is indeed one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Therefore, contributing to the growth of businesses that will help to improve the lives of the elderly makes both a lot of economic and social sense!

This is what motivates organizations such as Ageing Asia or ACCESS Health International to help create new business in Singapore that serve the needs of elders and their caregivers.

But how do you convince the “startup kids” and entrepreneurs who are so focused on cool trends and youth-centric ideas to take a step back, and look at the topic of aging? Why not even go a step further an look into employing or collaborating with a different generation?

Using our storytelling skills, we’ve been helping ACCESS Health to reach out to communities of elderly in Singapore as well as (aspiring) social entrepreneurs.

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