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Modern Aging Open Day: Hong Kong and Mainland China

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ACCESS Health China organized a Modern Aging Open Day inviting mentors from Hong Kong and Mainland China to give guidance on innovative projects that are aimed at improving the quality of life and wellbeing of the elderly. It was the first time inviting mentors to participate virtually from different geographic locations. Two distinguished mentors participated in the day:

Ms. Serena Xie, Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer of YD Care

Ms Di Zheng, Senior Program Officer of Leping’s Social Innovation Research and Development Center

SOW Asia, our Open Day partner, recommended three outstanding projects from Hong Kong in the aging sector: ELDPATHY, Sit N Shower, and Acesobee. These projects focus on elderly simulation, elderly assistive devices, and platforms to help manage healthcare records. Mentors gave their comments on each project based on different opportunities and challenges specific to each field.

Open Day is a monthly Modern Aging event. It facilitates the implementation and growth of new projects that serve the needs of the elderly and provides opportunities for collaboration for mentors. Open Days also attracts startups to our community of entrepreneurs.

Anna Dirksen

Anna Dirksen

Anna Dirksen is Director of Communications at ACCESS Health International and leads the global communications strategy for the organization.

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We are no longer active in Modern Aging Open Day: Hong Kong and Mainland China. Projects and resources are available in the archive.