Two New Books From Chair and President William A. Haseltine

ACCESS Health Chair and President William A. Haseltine today released two new books—an autobiography to inspire a life devoted to science and filled with purpose, and breaking commentary on COVID-19.

In My Lifelong Fight Against Disease: From Polio and AIDS to COVID-19, Dr. Haseltine tells his life story for the first time. The book includes his accounts of facing devastating public health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlights exhilarating moments of medical discovery. In writing the story of his wide ranging career, Dr. Haseltine’s goals are simple: to encourage the next generation to make their own significant contribution to human life, and for all readers to appreciate science as a humanistic enterprise.

A compulsively readable and fast-paced insider’s account of some of the most brilliant medical breakthroughs in modern history, My Lifelong Fight Against Disease is a candid, evocative, and ultimately revelatory exploration into what it means to make science your life. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

As Dr. Haseltine was working on the final chapters of his autobiography, rumors of a new pneumonia-like illness coming from Wuhan, China were just beginning to emerge. COVID-19 has gone on to infect at least thirty five million people worldwide and has killed more than one million.

After a lifetime spent in science, medicine and pursuing better public health, Dr. Haseltine is once again logging eighteen hour days battling a new and still somewhat unknown disease. His opinions on the course of the pandemic are sought regularly by major broadcast news networks and print media.

The COVID Commentaries is a collection of Dr. Haseltine’s writings, research and interviews on COVID-19. It is a Living eBook, updated regularly with new information on the disease and our response as it unfolds. It is organized into four parts, spread across two volumes. The first contains his published commentaries and social media posts on the outbreak, providing a quick, spur of the moment glimpse into his thinking day to day. The second section includes his interviews with scientists, economists, parents, grandparents and children that have informed his thinking and understanding of the virus and its disease. The third part provides links to his media interviews and mentions in news articles. The final section is a robust assemblage of links to COVID-related news, medical and scientific research papers, webinars and online resources from other organizations. 

Dr. Haseltine’s A Family Guide to COVID: Questions & Answers for Parents, Grandparents & Children and his subsequent book, A COVID Back To School Guide: Questions and Answers for Parents and Students, were the first books to be published as Living eBooks. They are updated regularly as more is discovered about the disease and the nature of the outbreak changes. When a reader purchases a copy of the book, either in print or online, you will receive a special passcode that will give you online access to every subsequent edition of the book, as it is released.

You can purchase a copy of the COVID Commentaries on Amazon: Volume I, Volume II.