White Paper Released: The Critical Role of Commercial Health Insurance in Supporting a Multi-Layered Medical Security System

On August 3rd, ASK Health and Pfizer jointly established a research group and released the white paper “The Transformation of Commercial Health Insurance in the Context of ‘Healthy China 2030’: Innovating through collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry”. More than 1.4 million people across multiple platforms streamed the online publication of the white paper, reflecting the significance and the public’s deep concern for the development of commercial health insurance.

The white paper discusses the development of commercial health insurance from multiple aspects. From the policy aspect, it discussed looking for the position of commercial health insurance from the development of China’s multi-layered medical security system. On the self-development level, understanding the past of commercial insurance and exploring the direction of innovation and transformation from the current situation was highlighted. From an international standpoint, the white paper explores the details that can be used for reference from international experience. From the industrial integration and industry cooperation perspective, the publication discusses extracting the path of joint construction and sharing the examples of the pharmaceutical industry and other parties participating in the promotion of commercial health insurance. The white paper also proposes policy and industry recommendations to achieve professional and ecological development after detailing these various aspects.

The white paper was endorsed by Yanli Zhou, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former Vice Chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, and Gongcheng Zheng, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Social Security, the author of the paper’s foreword.

At the press conference, Yanli Zhou noted that “the white paper comprehensively analyzes some of the positive efforts made by the pharmaceutical industry to promote the development of commercial health insurance, and puts forward many suggestions with time value.”

Zhou said, “I believe that in the post-epidemic era, multi-party participation in promoting the development of China’s commercial health insurance is of great significance to assisting the construction of China’s medical system.”

Gongcheng Zheng also provided his input, saying, “As observed in the white paper, multi-party ecological linkage and cross-industry cooperation will help accelerate the development of commercial health insurance. The realization of the professionalization of commercial health insurance requires insurance companies to learn about diseases. The atlas, real-world data, medical service networks, health management systems, and other tools have become core competencies. This process requires cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry.”