ACCESS Health advocates for Health Literacy for Epidemic Prevention at USAID NISHTHA/Jhpiego Dissemination Event

jhpiego event

Dr. N. Krishna Reddy, CEO of ACCESS Health International, recently participated in a panel discussion titled ‘Engaging Communities in Epidemic Prevention’ at a Dissemination event organized by USAID NISHTHA/Jhpiego. The event focused on learnings from public health Surveillance initiatives in India, supporting IDSP & NCDC efforts in 9 states, including challenging terrains in the North-eastern states.

During the discussion, Dr. Reddy emphasized the importance of health literacy for community engagement in epidemic prevention. He shared insights into initiatives undertaken by ACCESS Health in this domain, highlighting the critical role of community participation in preventing and managing epidemics.

The event also featured panel discussions with experts representing states, centers, and developmental partners on various topics, including:

  • IDSP’s Strategic Vision in IDSP-IHIP Expansion and Emerging Frontiers
  • Ensuring private sector Engagement in Disease Surveillance
  • Ensuring Epidemic Readiness: Empowering primary health care Systems
  • Innovative Solutions: Leveraging digital technologies for Disease Surveillance

ACCESS Health has a history of collaboration with USAID NISHTHA/JHPIEGO, particularly in capacity building on data management and analytics of public health surveillance units in seven states. Dr. Shrikant Kalaskar, who led these initiatives, also participated in the event.