ACCESS Health China participates in 2021 Rare Disease Symposium

On July 17, the 2021 Rare Disease Symposium on Collaboration and Communication, organized by the Illness Challenge Foundation and directed by the China Rare Disease Alliance, commenced in Beijing. The theme was: “Healthy China, Where No One is Left Behind.”

During the conference, participants gathered to discuss the core issues and potential solutions around rare disease treatment through the lens of “payment innovation, technological innovation, medical service innovation, drug innovation, and patient role innovation.”

ACCESS Health China was honored to both sponsor and participate in the conference. Dr. Chang Liu, Regional Director of ACCESS Health China, participated in a roundtable forum titled “How Social Forces Participate in the Establishment of a Multi-layered Medical Security System.” Mr. Li Qun, Director of Research and Consulting of ACCESS Health China, delivered the opening remarks for the report, “The Role of Charitable Donations in the Multi-layered Medical Security System for Rare Diseases.”

Together with the Illness Challenge Foundation, ACCESS Health China looks forward to continuing research on the role of charitable donations in the multi-layered medical security system, advocating for an increase in focus on rare diseases. Ultimately, ACCESS Health China supports the widening of basic medical insurance to cover populations in need, including those living with rare and life-threatening diseases.