ACCESS Health co-hosts a workshop to build the capacity of pharma manufacturers towards export expansion


ACCESS Health’s MENA Office partnered with the Egyptian Chamber for Pharmaceutical Industries, Cosmetics, and Medical Supplies (ECPICMS) to conduct a workshop on May 18th, 2024, in Cairo. Titled “Pharmaceutical Market Access Program for Exports, Manufacturing, Secondary Packaging, and Licensing in UAE,” the workshop aimed to equip Egyptian pharmaceutical manufacturers with the necessary tools and knowledge to expand their exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Africa.

Industry Leaders Share Market Insights

The program commenced with an opening address by Mr. Girish Bommakanti, Director of Operations & Strategic Growth at ACCESS Health International. Mr. Bommakanti outlined the essential steps Egyptian manufacturers should take to strengthen their exports to the UAE and Africa. Following the introduction, Dr. Gamal El Lithy, Head of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, delivered a keynote address that set the context for the workshop’s discussions.

Esteemed speakers provided valuable insights into the UAE’s pharmaceutical landscape throughout the program. Dr. Abdalla Khalfan Saeed Alkindi Alsuwaidi, a prominent figure holding multiple roles including Head of Department at the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHaP), Chairman of the International Conference on Pharmaceutical Management (ICPM), and Director of the Emirates Medical Association, offered a comprehensive overview of the UAE pharmaceutical market. His presentation highlighted key strategies and opportunities for Egyptian companies seeking to enter this market. Additionally, Dr. Adan Ali Hassan Almatroushi Alzaabi, Government Affairs Manager at RAFED, shed light on pre-inspection processes and best practices, providing crucial information for navigating market entry requirements.

The workshop concluded with an open discussion forum, allowing Egyptian manufacturers to ask questions and gain further clarification on the UAE market entry process. This interactive session ensured a well-rounded learning experience for participants.

Empowering Egyptian Pharmaceutical Exports

“This workshop aimed to bridge the knowledge gap and empower Egyptian pharmaceutical manufacturers to effectively navigate the UAE market and also strengthen exports to the region,” stated Dr. Hala Zaid, Regional Director (MENA), ACCESS Health International. “By fostering collaboration between industry leaders and providing market-specific information, we hope to see an increase in Egyptian pharmaceutical exports to the UAE, ultimately contributing to the growth of both economies.”

This collaborative effort between AHI and ECPICMS demonstrates a commitment to supporting the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry’s expansion into new markets. By equipping manufacturers with the necessary knowledge and tools, the workshop paves the way for increased exports and contributes to the overall growth of the healthcare sector in both Egypt and the UAE.

About the Egyptian Chamber for Pharmaceutical Industries, Cosmetics and Medical Supplies (ECPICMS)

The ECPICMS is a prominent organization representing the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry. It serves as a platform for collaboration and advocacy, promoting the growth and development of the sector.