ACCESS Health International forms a Global Alliance to STOP-HCV

ACCESS Health International (AHI) today announced the formation of a new alliance dedicated to the global elimination of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). This ambitious initiative brings together leading researchers, healthcare providers, government agencies, and patient advocacy groups in a unified effort to diagnose, treat, and ultimately eradicate HCV.

“HCV remains a silent epidemic, affecting millions worldwide,” said Hala Zaid, Regional director, AHI-MENA. “With readily available, highly effective treatments, there’s no reason why this disease should continue to steal lives. This alliance represents a critical step towards achieving a world free from HCV.”

The alliance will focus on four key strategic areas:

  • Increased Testing & Diagnosis: Expanding access to HCV testing, particularly in underserved communities, is crucial for identifying and reaching undiagnosed individuals.
  • Improved Treatment Access: The alliance will work to ensure all patients, regardless of location or socioeconomic status, have access to affordable, life-saving HCV treatments.
  • Stigma Reduction: Addressing the stigma associated with HCV is essential for encouraging testing and treatment adherence. Educational campaigns and community outreach programs will be vital.
  • Data-Driven Advocacy: The alliance will utilize cutting-edge data analysis to inform policies and strategies, ensuring evidence-based approaches guide the fight against HCV.

A Call to Collaboration

ACCESS Health International invites all stakeholders committed to eradicating HCV to join this global alliance. By working together, we can build a future where HCV ceases to exist.

“Hepatitis C is a disease we have the power to eradicate. Highly effective treatments exist, yet millions continue to suffer due to lack of access, testing, and persistent stigma. Through this new global alliance, Access Health International is committed to uniting stakeholders across the globe. Together, we can break down barriers, empower patients, and achieve the dream of an HCV-free future,” said Dr. N. Krishna Reddy, CEO, ACCESS Health International.

“AHI as a health system thought leader would like to bring its deep expertise and knowledge across health systems and its stakeholders in the health ecosystem through research, policy, capacity building, implementation and health education to the region,” said Mr. Girish Bommakanti, Director – Operations & Strategic Growth, ACCESS Health International

About ACCESS Health International:

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Media Contact: Gala Elshihiney, Technical Specialist, ACCESS Health International – MENA Region, [email protected]