New Trends of Health Ecology in Insurance Industry: ACCESS Health Managing Director Dr. Chang Liu participates in online discussion

On June 27th, 2020, Dr. Chang Liu, Managing Director for ACCESS Health Singapore and Greater China, participated in an online event hosted by Taikang Life Insurance on “New Trends of Health Insurance Industry Ecology.” Topics of discussion included challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry in fields of pharmaceutical and public health.
Because the insurance business has extended into multiple fields, like healthcare services, aging care and medicine, a new ecology has come into place. At the event, healthcare experts from different backgrounds, including Dr. Chang Liu, Dr. Mingqiang Li, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Strategy Department in Taikang Group, Mr. Yong Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Health Insurance business department at Taikang Life Insurance, and Dr. Yi Zheng, Founder and CEO of the Sinolation Group, exchanged their valuable insights on topics like the following: how does insurance play a role in the field of epidemics and public health, how insurance could better connect with the pharmaceutical industry, and how to compete with Internet technology companies.