ACCESS Health Philippines Holds a Virtual Roundtable on Bone Health

With support from Amgen Philippines and moderated by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), ACCESS Health Philippines spearheaded its first virtual roundtable discussion on Bone Health on Dec. 17, 2020. Its main goal was to call for establishing a better ecosystem for Bone Health promotion. This event provided a foundation for a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders who will offer cooperation and knowledge, identify bone health priority areas, and champion efforts to address the rising rates of fragility fractures using a holistic approach that reaches across the care continuum.

Participants included clinicians, advocacy groups, academics, and patient organizations. The discussion emphasized the need for Bone Health legislation in the Philippines to foster and sustain various efforts and initiatives at the community level. Likewise, the importance of data and evidence generation through research activities has been emphasized to provide support. The participants agreed to work together using a life-course approach in promoting Bone Health. To prevent serious problems later in life, it is vital to instill healthy practices as early as childhood. With ACCESS Health as their convenor, it is hoped that this initiative will reach many Filipinos’ consciousness.