ACCESS Health Southeast Asia launches report: “Overcoming Barriers to Cloud Adoption in Public Healthcare in Asia Pacific”

ACCESS Health Southeast Asia is excited to announce the publication of their report, “Overcoming Barriers to Cloud Adoption in Public Healthcare in Asia Pacific,” in partnership with the AWS Institute.

Rapid digitalization during the pandemic has brought about remarkable advances in healthcare that were long overdue. Cloud services facilitated critical population disease surveillance, contact tracing, and telemedicine amongst other tools. Yet cloud adoption in healthcare is still underutilized and many countries lack the specific guidelines, legislation, or infrastructure needed. Now is an ideal time for governments and healthcare organizations to realize the potential of a digital-first cloud adoption policy for the management of chronic diseases, medical research data, controlling healthcare costs, patient-centered healthcare systems, and health data security.       

Research was conducted in 12 countries including: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, and Bangladesh. Over 40 policymakers, CIOs, CMIOs, and digital health experts were interviewed to gain insight into the progress of healthcare digitization in the region. You can read the report here.