ACCESS Health Southeast Asia Regional Director Participates in APPIS Summit

From March 22 to 24, ACCESS Health Southeast Asia Regional Director Sejal Mistry took part in the Alliance and Partnerships for Patient Innovation and Solutions (APPIS) Initiative Region-wide Summit. APPIS is a patient-driven platform which aims to drive better outcomes for healthcare consumers across Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East by bringing together patient communities and other key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, including policymakers, payers, and the medical community, to identify key challenges and prioritize actionable solutions.

The three day summit focused on the three themes:

1. Health Literacy (Day 1)

2. Health Policy Shaping (Day 2)

3. Digital Health Solutions (Day 3)

As an APPIS Advisory Council Member, Mistry co-moderated the Health Policy Shaping discussion and presented on critical challenges patient advocacy groups face in interacting with policymaking and driving change. The APPIS Summit garnered over 1000 participants around the globe who tuned in to learn, share, and take forward meaningful action for better patient-centered and patient-driven health outcomes.