ACCESS Health strengthens its presence in MENA with strategic partnerships


ACCESS Health International MENA Region has recently inked strategic partnerships by signing five Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). These collaborations aim to fortify our dedication to the MENA region and amplify our collective endeavors in enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality.

Strategic Partnership with Africa Health Business

Key Areas of Collaboration:

  • Teaming for implementation of development partner-funded health projects
  • Driving initiatives for health systems strengthening and resilience in Africa
  • Jointly exploring opportunities in public health, private healthcare, health insurance, investments, life sciences, digital health transformation, and capacity building
  • Engaging health sector stakeholders through research, collaborative platforms, webinars, workshops, roundtables, networking events, and meetings
  • Undertaking other mutually valuable joint projects

This collaboration aims to enhance the financing and the digital health ecosystem in the region.

Partnership with CTEQ to Advance Hospital Planning and Design

Key Areas of Collaboration:

  • Conduct research to identify emerging trends and best practices
  • Implement state-of-the-art strategies optimizing patient care and operational efficiency
  • Organize knowledge-sharing workshops and conferences for healthcare professionals
  • Develop guidelines and frameworks for future-ready hospital planning
  • Integrate innovative design concepts aligned with regulations and accreditation standards
  • Pilot transformative hospital models demonstrating improved outcomes and efficiency
  • Embrace sustainable, patient-centric design creating optimal healing environments
  • Ensure seamless planning for human resources, medical equipment, and digital solutions

This collaboration is aimed at enhancing the provisioning systems across the MENA Region.

Partnership with FVE Lifecare for Modular Healthcare Infrastructure

Key Areas of Collaboration:

  • Jointly select feasible, strategically important projects aligning with their expertise
  • Provide modular, rapidly scalable facilities for healthcare, biopharma manufacturing, etc
  • AHI to serve as the strategic partner, leveraging its global healthcare advisory capabilities
  • By combining FVE’s cutting-edge modular facility solutions with AHI’s deep healthcare domain knowledge, the partners aim to address pressing infrastructure gaps and enhance access to quality care in underserved regions

This partnership focuses on the improvement and optimization of the provisioning systems.

Collaboration with Blockthree to Drive Healthcare Innovation Using Blockchain

Key Areas of Collaboration:

  • Introducing HBlock, Blockthree’s revolutionary blockchain platform, to drive digital transformation in healthcare through AHI’s global reach
  • Conducting joint research and development to identify areas within AHI’s services that can benefit from blockchain implementation
  • Designing, developing, and deploying secure blockchain-based solutions such as electronic health records, supply chain management, telemedicine platforms, and smart contracts
  • Sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices to foster innovation and sustainable healthcare solutions

This collaborative effort is focused on the digital health ecosystem and digital technologies in the healthcare systems in the region.

Collaboration with Research Institute of Virology to Eliminate Hepatitis in Uzbekistan

Key Areas of Collaboration:

  • Reviewing and enhancing national hepatitis treatment guidelines
  • PPP for Liver Transplantation
  • Developing a comprehensive operational plan for elimination efforts
  • Implementing IT systems to monitor program coverage, quality, and outcomes
  • Securing the supply of hepatitis diagnostics and medications
  • Training healthcare workers in hepatitis management
  • Providing advisory for awareness campaigns

Collaboration with Penta Pharma Egypt

Key Areas of Collaboration:

  • Integrating pharmaceutical operations into local manufacturing
  • Exporting drugs, and transferring technology for vaccinations, biosimilars, and APIs in the MENA Region.

This collaboration is aimed at improving the supply chain resilience in the region to make pharma-driven care more accessible in the region.

These MoUs mark significant milestones in ACCESS Health International’s journey towards fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainable development in the MENA region. They underscore our unwavering commitment to working closely with local partners and stakeholders to address the region’s healthcare challenges and seize its opportunities.