ACCESS Health to conduct healthcare facility feasibility study in Meghalaya, India

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On March 1, 2024, ACCESS Health International’s India office signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a private entrepreneur in Tura town, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya to conduct a feasibility study for establishing a 50-bed healthcare facility on the outskirts of Tura. With a population exceeding 100,000, predominantly inhabited by local residents (85-90%) and migrant residents (10-15%) from various parts of India, Tura serves as a crucial hub for meeting the healthcare needs not only of the West Garo Hills but also East Garo Hills, South Garo Hills, South West Garo Hills, and the neighboring villages and towns in Assam.

Despite its significant population, the town faces challenges with limited healthcare facilities, relying mainly on public healthcare facilities, mission-run hospitals, private clinics, and a few diagnostic centers to serve the community. To address these challenges, a 12-week study called ‘Detailed Project Report’ is currently underway to pave the way for a new healthcare facility. This study, informed by a community health needs assessment, competitors’ analysis, market research, and feasibility studies, aims to identify pressing health issues in the community and design a healthcare facility tailored to meet the community’s specific needs. Additionally, the study will delve into a financial analysis and explore alternative and blended healthcare financing solutions aimed at providing accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare for the community.