ACCESS Southeast Asia presents a panel on HealthTech Startup Founder experiences

On August 6, 2021, Adrienne Mendenhall, Director of Business Development, ACCESS Health International moderated a panel on the journey from corporate to Healthtech startups. The webinar was co-presented by SGInnovate and ACCESS Health International.

There is a common misconception that startup founders are fresh graduates in their early or mid-20s, embarking on a new idea with unencumbered enthusiasm. In reality, the most successful startups are founded by people with established careers and industry experience, who have identified a market opportunity based on that experience. A study showed that for the highest-performing startups, the founder was, on average, 45 years old. In this event, we hear from people who left their corporate careers to join or found startups. Their reasons for leaving a secure, well-paid corporate job are numerous: they want the flexibility to innovate, an opportunity to “wear many hats,” a desire to focus on impact instead of shareholder value, and to join a fast-moving work environment. In return, they bring to startups their industry knowledge, professionalism, networks, and experience. Hear why they left, what they’ve gained, and how startups in the health care sector can attract corporate talent. 

Please click here to view the webinar.