The Role of Strengthening AI in Health Systems Reform

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ACCESS Health Southeast Asia Consultants Miguel Tan and Wen Jin Er recently authored an article for Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management about the role of AI in strengthening health systems. See an excerpt below and read the full article here.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pushing the frontiers of digital innovation in the current decade.  The release of ChatGPT beckons a tipping point of a tech revolution, with its humanlike ability to write codes, poems, and academic reports. AI’s potential to disrupt traditional industries, once a pipedream, will be realised in healthcare soon.

Private and government investments in AI are increasingly common in healthcare. Between 2022 to 2029, the global AI in healthcare market is projected to grow from US$13.82 billion to a staggering US$164.10 billion1. With boundless healthcare applications such as virtual nursing assistants, research of novel therapies, and medical diagnostics, AI promises to rebuild health systems for the future.