APAC CVD Alliance Presents Key Findings at Cardiology Congress in Dubai


The Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular Disease Alliance (APAC CVD Alliance) had the opportunity to present their report findings at the recent Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress and Emirates Cardiac Society Congress held between 2 – 4 May 2024 in Dubai.

The Alliance, spearheaded by ACCESS Health International, aims to advocate for a cohesive multi-sectoral strategy to address gaps in national policies as the cardiovascular (CVD) burden in the region grows rapidly. Titled, “A Call for Cohesive Action: Redefining Cardiovascular Care in the Asia-Pacific”, the report aims to focus on CVD strategies that 1) Reduce premature deaths; 2) Reduce hospitalizations and rehospitalizations; and 3) Curb the rise of new CVD patients.

Several topics in the Alliance report were further spotlighted in discussions during the conference, including CVD risks in women; the rise of cardiometabolic diseases globally; primary and secondary prevention strategies; and digital health tools in telecardiology.

The full Alliance report is available here.