ASK Health Participates in Seminar on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Diseases and Medical Security in Fujian Province

Recently, the First Affiliate Hospital of Fujian Medical University and the Center of Rare Diseases (CORD) convened to explore the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases and medical insurance in Fujian Province. This opening meeting presented survey reports describing the survival rates and disease burden of rare diseases in Fujian Province.

Li Qun, Senior Director of ASK Health Research and Consulting, introduced ASK Health’s upcoming “Survey Report on the Survival Rates and Burden of Disease of Rare Disease Patients in Fujian Province” and presented the project’s status updates, objectives, and methodology.

After the introductory remarks, Li Linguo, Senior Public Policy Researcher at the Center for Rare Diseases and Independent Consultant of ASK Health, chaired a roundtable discussion session. Participants discussed the diagnosis, treatment, protection, and rescue of rare disease patients in Fujian Province as well as the roles of medical providers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies in navigating the treatment of rare diseases. The discussion was very productive and “The Fujian Model” was received enthusiastically.

As an international think tank and research institution dedicated to public health policy research and health innovation, ASK Health hones in on health system transformation, and specifically the development of a multi-layered medical security system that offers support for populations in need, such as patients with rare diseases. We will continue to drive and promote the improvement of health services to benefit the entire population.