The demographics of Singapore have changed tremendously over a very short period of time. With increased wealth and higher incomes in Singapore, came smaller family sizes and fewer young being born. As a result, the elderly population has grown significantly in comparison to the number of young working Singaporeans. With this rapidly aging population comes new challenges, including healthcare challenges as the health system struggles to meet the health needs of a large senior population. Despite these rapid demographic changes, the government of Singapore has rebuilt its healthcare system to be both sustainable and efficient in delivering high quality care to all those in need.

In Affordable Excellence, ACCESS Health Chair and President William A. Haseltine presents us with the first broad study of Singapore’s healthcare system and their approach to delivering high quality care at a cost the country can afford. Based on interviews with Singapore’s healthcare leaders both now and in the past, as well as exhaustive desktop research on Singapore’s economy and healthcare system, Dr. Haseltine delivers the first comprehensive systems level description of healthcare in Singapore.

The lessons from Singapore will be of interest to those currently planning the future of healthcare in emerging economies, as well as those engaged in the urgent debates on healthcare in wealthier countries faced with serious long term challenges in healthcare financing.