Fintech for Health shares best practices for how digital finance tools can be used by insurers, healthcare providers, and startups to help low-and middle-income communities afford and access healthcare globally.

With more than 100 million globally pushed into poverty every year because of healthcare costs, innovative solutions to health financing are sorely needed. ACCESS Health International has spent over three years researching new health financing solutions, working with startups, and hosting roundtables and cross-sector special interest groups across Asia in countries such as Bangladesh, China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Nepal.

Fintech for Health identifies how digital financial technologies can enable new solutions for healthcare costs including:

  • Alternative credit scoring
  • Access to digital wallets and mobile money accounts
  • Microinsurance
  • Crowdfunding

In just the past six years, 1.2 billion people worldwide have gained access to bank and mobile money accounts due to digital financial technology. Now is the time to embrace the integration of fintech in healthcare as we face competing global health crises alongside the rise of chronic illnesses.