In Case You Missed It: New and Noteworthy This Week

This weekly blog series is a roundup of recent news items and developments that I found interesting and would like to share.

This is an excellent summary of global aging. I recommend that we all read it. The UN 10 goals for how societies should deal with the aging issue are particularly relevant. Aging in the Twenty First Century

Approaches to Universal Health Coverage and Occupational Health and Safety for the Informal Workforce in Developing Countries: Workshop Summary

An interesting group to follow. International Longevity Centre Global Alliance

Architecture is a key component of healthy cities. Redesigning the Hospital as a Community Health Network

This is a thoughtful article on measuring quality outcomes. Measuring the Quality of Healthcare in the US

Please see this US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services plan for how to approach health service and outcomes inequities among the poor and elderly. Feds to Focus on Health Inequities Among Minority, Rural, and Poor Seniors

This article discusses the tremendous issues India faces in delivering basic care to its people. We are doing our best to help. This is one of the reasons we have added Training as a Focus Area for ACCESS Health. Strangled by Red Tape: How to Fix India’s Broken Healthcare System Without Spending Big Money

This article highlights one of the reasons we are considering initiating work on elder care in India. India No Country for Old Men: UN Report

This is an interesting summary of a workshop on the future of homecare in the United States. The Future of Home Healthcare: Workshop Summary 

Please see important article on improving homecare of dementia patients. The Minnesota Economic Model of Dementia: Demonstrating Healthcare Cost Savings with the New York University Caregiver Support Intervention

This is an important summary of the transport needs of an aging society. The report makes a number of useful recommendations. It seems to omit self driving vehicles, either cars or electric carts. The Future of Transport in an Aging Society

Dementia is a large and growing problem world wide. We are strengthening our work on elder care, with a specific focus on age related dementia. A Global Assessment of Dementia, Now and in the Future

India: Small Progress in Healthcare, Decline in Rural Services

See this interesting summary of Rifat Atun’s views of the new data on summarized in the release of the latest global burden of disease report. Rifat concludes that medicine should increase the focus on care of people with multiple concurrent health problems, typical of many older people. Focus on coordinated treatment of multiple morbitidities will require reorganization of hospital services, facilities, communication, and training of all medical staff from doctors to homecare workers. Transitioning Health Systems for Multimorbidity

Surgery is an important focus for our work rural and urban primary and secondary healthcare services. Global Surgery

This is the report and data that supports the need for a focus on surgery in rural and poor urban communities. Global Surgery 2030: Evidence and Solutions for Achieving Health, Welfare, and Economic Development

A valuable report by the Brookings Institution on how the US can improve the management and care of asthma, Improving Chronic Asthma Management Through Population Health

This is an article that is relevant to reducing hospital readmission. Such programs must be designed with the elderly in mind. CMS Readmission Reduction Program is Unfair, Needs Redesign, Harvard Study Suggests