In Case You Missed It: New and Noteworthy This Week

This weekly blog series is a roundup of recent news items and developments that I found interesting and would like to share.

Think twice about surgery. At Top US Hospital, Almost Fifty Percent of Surgeries Have Drug Related Error

It is important to consider the multiple forms of age related dementia. They all have particular characteristics. Correct diagnosis and appropriate treatments plans are needed. Dementia – Not All About Alzheimer’s

Aging and Health — An Agenda Half Completed

Japan Will Be Model for Future Super Aging Societies

This will be a very interesting space to watch. Why Biomedical Superstars Are Signing On with Google

See this analysis by Deloitte on the opportunities for eDoctor visits in the United States. eVisits: The Twenty First Century House Call

Financing Long Term Services and Supports for Individuals with Disabilities and Older Adults: Workshop Summary

Village Life: Independence, Loneliness, and Quality of Life in Retirement Villages with Extra Care

This is a must read report for all interested in elder care. It is the UK summary of the road ahead, difficult, but manageable with careful planning and execution. Creating a Sustainable Twenty First Century Healthcare System

Here is an interesting summary of virtual medicine. Not so virtual as it is tele and e health. The article misses the importance of uniform medical information systems. Virtual Health: The Untapped Opportunity to Get the Most out of Healthcare

Online Brain Training “Helps Older Adults with Everyday Tasks”