In Case You Missed It: New and Noteworthy This Week

This regular blog series is a roundup of recent news items and developments that I found interesting and would like to share.

The impact of health information technology on doctor patient relations can be mitigated by smart design. AMIA Study Examines the Impact of Health IT on Patient Consultations

Volunteerism as an approach to elder care in Japan. Casinos, Leaf Picking, and a New God: Supporting Older People in Japan

Is It Better to Die in America or in England?

Many options for improving home and community care of the elderly depend on internet use. This is an optimistic article that also explores possibilities for improving internet use in those over sixty five. Older Adults and Technology Use

Public private partnerships are assuming an increasing role in the thinking of leaders in global health. We at ACCESS Health have been ahead of the curve. There are new opportunities to use our skills, knowledge, and leadership in this important area throughout Asia and Africa. This report from the National Academies of Medicine and Science is directly relevant to the work ACCESS Health is doing on public private partnerships as part of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage, our pending proposal for an Asia Center for Public Private Partnerships, and for our consulting work on health systems. The Role of Public Private Partnerships in Health Systems Strengthening: Workshop Summary

This is where most of the world lives. This Amazing Map Shows Where Most of Humanity Lives

Yishun Set to be First “Dementia Friendly” Town

The Promise of Integrated Data Systems for Social Policy Reform: A Q&A with Dennis Culhane and John Fantuzzo, principal investigators, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy

Building Neighborhood Data to Inform Policy: A Q&A with Kathryn Pettit, director of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP)

Building a More Data Literate City: A Q&A with HyeSook Chung

Please see Brookings’ focus on what is needed for health policy in India. Priorities for India’s Health Policy

This article highlights a critical shortage for medical care in the United States and elsewhere. As Population Ages, Where Are the Geriatricians?