In Case You Missed It: New and Noteworthy This Week

This regular blog series is a roundup of recent news items and developments that I found interesting and would like to share.

The National Academy of Medicine Launches New Podcast Series on End of Life Care

Please see this special report on maternal and child health. Three Births

Please see three new reports from the National Academy Press. Improving the Health of Women in the United States: Workshop Summary, Interindividual Variability: New Ways to Study and Implications for Decision Making: Workshop in Brief, and Use of Metabolomics to Advance Research on Environmental Exposures and the Human Exposome:
Workshop in Brief

I share much of the skepticism regarding the much ballyhooed “precision medicine.” The paradox is that it rarely works and when it does, is no better than much less expensive traditional techniques for assigning drugs to individuals. The Paradox of Precision Medicine

This is a well written interesting article on transportation for the elderly and disabled in New York City. Getting Around the City With the Elderly

Please see this excellent article on quality improvement. Milestones in Quality Improvement Measurement