ACCESS Health Joins AMPLI-PPHI Initiative to Enhance Maternal Health in India

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ACCESS Health, in partnership with NICE Foundation, announces its second project collaboration with JHPIEGO to address a critical issue in maternal health: postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). Together, we are joining the efforts of the Unitaid-funded Accelerating Measurable Progress and Leveraging Investments for Postpartum Haemorrhage Impact (AMPLI-PPHI) initiative in Vidisha district, Madhya Pradesh, India.

This partnership began with a comprehensive kick-off meeting and a three-day field visit in December 2023. The program commenced with insightful addresses from Dr Parag Bhamare, Country Lead – Maternal and Newborn Health at JHPIEGO, and Dr Chirag Bhola, National Program Officer – AMPLI PPHI (Unitaid).

Led by JHPIEGO in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Department of Health, AMPLI-PPHI aims to significantly reduce PPH, a leading cause of maternal mortality. The project primarily focuses on promoting institutional deliveries. However, for home births, the timely administration of misoprostol tablets will be ensured to prevent PPH complications. While Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) guidelines for misoprostol use were issued in 2013, implementation hasn’t yet begun.

Our team gained valuable insights into the project’s goals and JHPIEGO’s groundwork throughout the field visit. Dr Bhola’s detailed orientation session provided a comprehensive understanding of the project’s objectives and the progress made so far. Collaborative discussions with the JHPIEGO team and project head led to the development of a well-defined work plan for seamless implementation.

Engaging with the community and stakeholders in the intervention area was crucial. The team interacted with community members, department officials, and healthcare providers, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges at hand. Tackling these challenges effectively requires a holistic approach addressing both provider and community needs.

To gain further perspective, the team visited health facilities, interacting with healthcare providers and understanding their challenges in mobilizing communities towards institutional deliveries. Additionally, we participated in a session at the IAPSM Regional Conference 2023, moderated by JHPIEGO. Esteemed speakers presented innovative models like the Chhattisgarh Drape, sparking thought-provoking discussions on navigating challenges and strengthening maternal health in India.

ACCESS Health, along with NICE Foundation, will actively contribute to the AMPLI-PPHI implementation area in Vidisha. ACCESS Health colleagues involved inlcude Girish Bommakanti. Dr. Shrikant Kalaskar, Dr. Chilshu Chandran, SreeMeena S, Shweta Singh. Members from JHPEIGO include Dr. Parag Bhamare, Dr. Chirag Bhola, Dr. Nilima Katra, Dr. Swapnil Patil along with Ms Rakhi N, and Mj Wesley from NICE Foundation.