A Vietnam Fintech for Health co-creation workshop: Discovering innovative fintech solutions for healthcare financing challenges

A full day workshop was organized by ACCESS Health International and PSI team in Hanoi, Vietnam. Under Fintech for Health project, the agenda of the workshop was to co-create affordability solutions for working women to access contraceptive treatment.

Representatives from six different groups of stakeholders—Government of Vietnam (Family Planning Office), Fintech Startups, Industrial Employers, Healthcare Service Providers, Pharmaceuticals, and NGO—participated in the workshop and provided insight on how each stakeholder could contribute.

The key ideas discussed were digital payment channels in clinics, microloan options with the help of bank/credit companies, and a digital platform for online and sexual health awareness/education and treatment options. The workshop successfully provided a platform for the stakeholders to talk about the affordability issue and the potential solutions that could address this problem.

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