Online Event on Evidence-Based Research in Philippine Public Health Policy

On 29 April, an online dissemination event on Exploring Philippine Use of Evidence-Based Research to Influence Public Health Policy was held. This event represents the culmination of research performed under a grant awarded by the New Delhi-based Global Development Network, which aims to enhance research capabilities of developing countries in improving development outcomes. ACCESS Health won first prize during the 2019 awards competition for Outstanding Research in Development held in Bonn, Germany—only the second Philippine entrant to win the prestigious prize in its twenty-year history.

This grant concerns policymaker reception of evidence-based research presented by health advocates and researchers during deliberations of four much-discussed policies on reproductive health, dengue vaccination, universal health care, and lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility. Representatives from academia, civil society, and government were given an overview of this research’s findings. The Philippine health policy environment differs substantially from those of developed countries where most studies on translating research into policy is done, and the practical goal here is to suggest techniques for improving persuasiveness while presenting evidence-based research. Audience interest was high during the event, and our intent is to solicit additional feedback to refine findings in the interest of improving the collection and presentation of research-based evidence leading to health-positive policies.

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