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Safe Care, Saving Lives: Leaving a Legacy of Quality Improvement

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In 2014, ACCESS Health partnered with the public health insurance program in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to launch a quality improvement program called Safe Care, Saving Lives. The program worked closely with the public health insurer to develop institutional structures and capacity within the purchaser of care to work on quality improvement for newborn care and beyond. A broader goal of the program was to identify best practices that could be used in future models of neonatal care and to create a model of quality improvement that could be adopted and adapted by others wishing to implement similar programs.

Upon completion of the program, ACCESS Health and its partners developed a series of documents — which are now available for download — to share lessons learned during the program and to describe the standard operating procedures and set of changes used in the program, along with a new quality improvement toolkit for providers to use. We encourage all invested in quality improvement and maternal and newborn health to use and share the material widely.

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We are no longer active in Safe Care, Saving Lives: Leaving a Legacy of Quality Improvement. Projects and resources are available in the archive.