Dutch Elder Care: An interview with Roland de Wolf


Earlier this year I spent two weeks in the Netherlands, as part of my research into best practices in elder care. Here in Sweden, where I am based, many healthcare professions view the Netherlands as a country that promotes innovation in elder care. I was amazed by what I saw when I visited some of the Dutch organizations working in the field. There was a strong focus on wellbeing, wellness, and personal freedom, with less focus on the medical aspects of chronic and long term care. The effect this has on individuals is astounding.

I summarized my general thoughts from the trip in the introduction to a new interview I’m publishing, this one with Roland de Wolf, the Chairman of the Board at the Saffier Residentie Group. The Saffier Residentie Group runs ten elder care homes in the Netherlands that are designed for independent living. The goal is for residents to feel safe, at home, and have access to the highest possible quality of independent living. Technology helps staff monitor residents and respond in cases of emergency. The cost of running these houses is even cheaper than regular nursing homes. Click here to read more about my trip and how de Wolf and his colleagues at Saffier Residentie have achieved such success.