High functioning health systems are fundamental to personal wellbeing and the economic welfare of a country.
Due to changing economics and demographics, the health systems of high, medium, and low income countries alike confront new challenges and opportunities. In this keynote lecture, William A. Haseltine, the Chair and President of ACCESS Health International, speaks about the need for health systems transformation across the globe.

Speaking at the first China-US Hospital Cooperation Summit in Beijing, Dr. William A. Haseltine shared insights into how healthcare leaders can harness the power of technology to transform their health systems to deliver high quality and affordable care. The summit is organized by the China Hospital Association and the US Embassy. Hospital managers and healthcare experts from some of the top US hospitals and Chinese hospitals attended the summit.

The lecture provides evidence to show that current hospital centric health systems are not best suited to meet the present and future demands of healthcare. Countries with traditionally high functioning health systems will be better served by delivering most care as outpatient services, in communities and in the home when possible. Low functioning health systems can follow the same path. Hospital based care will always be required but only when absolutely needed.