Health Futures Program Expands Efforts of Global Industry Leaders

The Health Futures China program recently supported two major global organizations, helping them expand and grow healthcare related opportunities in China. In March, Health Futures China helped the world’s largest medical device company, Medtronic, launch a groundbreaking new program on value based healthcare. The program creates an innovative business and payment model based on the blood glucose control outcome for diabetes patients. It will help both doctors and patients to create better blood glucose control outcomes at a lower cost thanks to new medical and information technologies. The Health Futures China team was engaged in the program from planning straight through to its launch, providing knowledge, research, resources, and coordination support.

The Health Futures team also brought a leading cognitive assessment organization to China to explore opportunities to improve cognitive health. The organization offers a mobile based digital platform for cognitive assessment powered by artificial intelligence, biometrics integration, and machine learning. As demographics shift in China and the aging population and number of people with chronic illnesses grows, attention and awareness about cognitive health has also increased. By placing greater importance and investing resources into more research on brain health and cognitive health, we will be able to empower researchers, health service providers, and payers with more relevant and critical data, and ultimately help improve the healthcare services and outcomes around brain health.