Humans of Safe Care, Saving Lives

This is the tenth in a series of profiles of the dedicated individuals behind the Safe Care, Saving Lives project. Safe Care, Saving Lives is a quality improvement project to improve neonatal care in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 

Srinivas, Medical Superintendent, Area Hospital, Banswada, Telangana
Srinivas, Medical Superintendent, Area Hospital, Banswada, Telangana

“I grew up here in Banswada, a tribal and remote area in Nizamabad district. Knowledge about career opportunities is limited. I did not have any idea what to do after my initial schooling. My luck turned when I met a lecturer who guided me toward medical education. There was no institute in the area that could prepare me for premedical exam. I found an education center in Guntur that could help me achieve my dream of becomg a doctor. After earning my medical degree at Osmania University and completing pediatrics training at Kakatiya Medical College, I joined the government health services.

You can say it is a sheer coincidence or destiny favoured me that I was given a placement in my own hometown. It gives me immense satisfaction to serve the people whom I have known since childhood. 

To provide medical services in the public system is a challenge. When our hospital grew from thirty to one hundred beds, we did not have enough doctors to provide adequate specialty care. There was huge uproar from the people due to the lack of doctors. Eventually, the shortage was resolved through the involvement of management, the local legislator, and the district collector. Today, we have five specialties: dental, gynecology, surgery, opthalmology, and pediatrics.

Although people create issues out of everything, I understand the root cause: fear. Literacy rates and income are low in this area. Every day gives me a new experience when I counsel people and am able to resolve their issues. I help people overcome their fears.

My only regret is that although I am satisfied, workwise, I had to part away with my children to make sure that they do not face the same difficulties pursuing education that I did. But the feeling when a parent comes and thanks me for saving their children gives me strength.