As part of a series of case studies on excellence in dementia care, ACCESS Health visited Denmark to study Danish companies and organizations. This study is part of a larger research effort on dementia care in Northern Europe.

A growing proportion of the Danish population lives with chronic illnesses. Less than forty percent of the adult population lived with chronic diseases in 2005. Estimates predict almost forty five percent of the adult population will be living with chronic illnesses in 2020. The municipal government of Aabenraa, the ninth largest region in Denmark, has taken a strategic approach to the demographic challenges related to aging.

In this interview, ACCESS Health Program Manager Sofia Widén speaks with Jakob Kyndal, MSc, who has been the Director for Social Care and Healthcare in the municipality of Aabenraa for seven years. Kyndal describes coordination challenges within the structure of the Danish healthcare system. Facilities in Aabenraa have responded to these challenges with a focus on organizational development and a person centered care approach. This municipality also invests in the role of digital solutions in healthcare to improve the quality of life for seniors with chronic health conditions.