ACCESS Health International works to provide high quality, affordable care for the elderly and the chronically ill. This organization identifies, analyzes, and documents best practices in managing elderly and chronically ill patients. It also consults with public and private providers to discover ways to implement new and more cost effective ways to care for this population.

Aleris is one of the largest private health and social care companies in Scandinavia, which is a global leader in elderly care. Aleris manages three hundred and fifty health and social care centers in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark that provide specialist care, primary care, diagnostics, elder care, and social care. Its annual turnover is approximately seven and a half billion Swedish kronor (equivalent to approximately nine hundred and forty million US dollars). The company employs approximately ten thousand people.

In this interview, Linda Martinson, manager of an Aleris elder care home in Stockholm, Sweden, talks about quality registries, national guidelines, and the development of new and better methods in elder care. She explains the importance of treating patients who suffer from dementia with respect and dignity. Aleris’s focus on patient centered care ensures that patient values guide all clinical decisions.

Aleris provides an example of sustainable, high quality care and healthcare solutions that will help improve the quality of life for the aging population and its caregivers.