In this interview, ACCESS Health’s Jean Galiana speaks with Sarah Szanton, the associate director of policy for the Center on Innovative Care in Aging. Szanton explains the idea behind Community Aging in Place–Advanced Better Living for Elders (CAPABLE), a concept she developed.

Adults often wish to remain in their homes as they age. However, the physical effects of aging can make it difficult for people to care for themselves in their residences. CAPABLE provides nursing care, occupational therapy, and home improvement to support the needs of older adults so they can live at home rather than a care facility. The program uses a multidisciplinary team to support patients’ physical function. This support enables seniors to maintain a better quality of life in their own homes. CAPABLE provides services to more seniors in need because they do not require that a person recently experience an acute illness or hospitalization to qualify for home care.

CAPABLE has proven that it is possible to delay or reduce the effects of chronic disease or disability in older adults. Szanton believes that the overall well being of a person reaches beyond basic health measures and disease management. With CAPABLE, a person’s quality of life can be sustained or even improved without medical treatment. Instead, elderly people thrive simply by living at home.