In January 1992, the Swedish government introduced Ädelreformen, or Noble Reform in English. The reform divided up the responsibility for different kinds of care between two levels of government: the county and the municipality. One result of this reform is that county councils provide healthcare and municipalities assumed responsibility for elder and long term care, excluding psychiatric care. In this interview, Carina Kumlin and Pia Lagerström speak about their work to improve the coordination of elder care for the Department of Elder Care in Uppsala Municipality, Sweden.

Elderly patients often require a combination of homecare, primary care, and inpatient care that straddles the responsibility of both the county and the municipality. Sometimes, the county and the municipality fail to coordinate care services. In other regions, this lack of coordination negatively impacts the quality of service delivery.

In this interview, Ms. Cumlin and Ms. Lagerström discuss challenges and strengths of care coordination in Uppsala Municipality.