This interview is part of a greater research effort into dementia and best practices in elder care in Northern Europe. Sofia Widen traveled to the north of The Netherlands to study the innovative thinking of Cornelia Hoeve, a farm that is now a care home. In this interview Gerke de Boer and Annie Herder explain how people with dementia live in Cornelia Hoeve.

Cornelia Hoeve is an old farm house which is now home to about twelve people with dementia. The philosophy of Cornelia Hoeve is centered on the wellbeing, personal freedom, and the unique qualities of each person. The care vision of Cornelia Hoeve focuses on the living environment. The residents can walk in the garden, help with daily households chores, and continue their normal routines. The residents can decide at which time they want to wake up and if they would like to eat together with other residents or alone in their room. People working at Cornelia Hoeve establish close relationships with the residents.

In this interview, Gerke de Boer and Annie Herder describe their approach to person centered care and creating a respectful environment for patient.