Healthcare systems across the globe face challenges from growing healthcare needs of aging populations, overextended budgets, and staff shortages. Governments receive increasing demands from citizens to provide faster and more personal healthcare options. Digital strategists see eHealth applications as effective tools for meeting these global challenges by enabling more resource efficient healthcare services.

In this interview, Henrik Ahlen, a digital strategist at eHealth consulting firm Alfa Bravo, shares his thoughts on the future of eHealth. He talks with ACCESS Health’s Sofia Widén about how ehealthcare can improve treatment of chronic diseases, record keeping, and home healthcare. He also describes the legal changes that are needed to encourage rapid development in emerging ehealthcare services.

eHealth products and services have great potential to increase patient satisfaction and conserve healthcare resources. Patients, healthcare professionals, and medical researchers all benefit from eHealth applications. They offer efficient tools for personalized, continuous monitoring of patients and treatments by healthcare professionals.

Expanded ehealthcare services provide valuable input that can be used in medical research, cost savings development, and improvements in efficient patient care