FocusCura is an international eHealth provider. It provides five products which improve the quality of life for seniors and chronically ill. The eHealth solutions of FocusCura give the elderly the opportunity to live independently in their homes. Internationally two interesting eHealth applications are provided by FocusCura on a large scale.

The first application, cContact works with a tablet. It provides video conferencing. The application helps people to maintain their care network and have contact with them, such as their homecare providers, doctors, general practitioner, specialists, and relatives. The second application, cVitals, is a health monitoring service. It helps patients manage illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, and diabetes from their home. Patients collect their own health data. The data is shared with their providers automatically. Both products have been evaluated and cVitals has received a European CE mark. The CE mark is a standardized product certification for medical products.

In the following interview, Dr. Daan Dohmen, the founder and chief executive officer of FocusCura, describes the many facets of technology that FocusCura has introduced into elder care.