As part of a larger research effort on dementia care in Northern Europe, this interview describes the development of a new software and planning tool called IntelligentLIFE During a visit to Denmark, Sofia Widén a Program Manager at ACCESS Health International spoke with Bo Iversen, sales manager at Life-Partners about the development of IntelligentLIFE and the benefits it provides to patients and their families.

Life-Partners and ANYgroup, a producer of smart sensor technology, jointly created a software system called IntelligentLIFE. These companies had worked together to provide services to the Rise Care Home, a technologically advanced elder care home in the south of Denmark. In 2013, the mayor of Aabenraa City, Tove Larsen, invited Life-Partners to provide an innovative solution for the care home that focuses on the needs of the user. IntelligentLIFE allows patients to maintain communication with friends and relatives and provides a care planning structure for professional care workers. The software uses patient data and a set of algorithms to prevent falls, set passive and active alarms, and help care providers develop nonmedicinal interventions instead of rely on medications.

With IntelligentLIFE, individuals can engage in more diverse activities and experience a higher quality of life. This software demonstrates how technology affects healthcare at the patient level to the benefit of seniors, their families, and health care providers.