During his practice as a physician, Dr. Christopher Perna observed that elder care homes typically focus on treating illnesses medically but often ignore three factors that can harm seniors psychologically: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. He concluded that only by caring equally for mental and physical health can the wellbeing of the patient can be provided. As a result, Thomas co created the Eden Nursing Alternative philosophy.

In this interview, Christopher Perna, President and CEO of Eden Alternative, discusses the philosophy of the company and its impact on the culture of long term care. He also shares the details of the training and consulting efforts the Eden Alternative has implemented around the world. The company provides consulting services to fifteen countries. It has also received several sizeable government grants to deliver large scale projects that bring its philosophy and training program to thousands of professional care partners. The Eden Alternative is an example of a holistic approach to long term care that can benefit elderly care and nursing homes.