ACCESS Health studied the Northern Europe elder care systems from different angles for the Elder Care Project. Our team interviewed regional directors of healthcare, national and local politicians, policy experts, doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, and a range of other healthcare professionals in an effort to identify areas for improvement and strengths of the Swedish elder care system. We placed particular focus on innovative service delivery models, new technology, and applications of recent research in areas such as dementia care.

The following interview is with Markus Merne, the chief executive officer of Everon, a Finnish company that is a pioneer in telecare solutions. Everon provides telecare devices to facilitate independent living for those with cognitive impairments. Telecare technology allows individuals to stay safe and independent in their own homes. Markus Merne explains how the technology supports relatives of people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease by providing support and implementing safety measures that allow these caretakers to leave their homes when needed.

This technology offers a lesson for everyone looking for new solutions in the delivery of high quality elder care. Telecare is a branch of healthcare that is quickly developing into an essential tool in patient care.