Beatitudes Campus is a dementia care community in Phoenix, Arizona, that specializes in a patient centered care model. Speaking with ACCESS Health’s Jean Galiana, Tena Alonzo, Karen Mitchell, and Ivan Hilton give examples of person directed living at this dementia care campus and share how they transformed it into a fully person directed facility. The following interview details its philosophies and values, and how they are implemented through its Comfort Matters™ model, designed by Beatitudes researchers. and how it was successfully operationalized, even in the late stage dementia residence.

Spread across twenty five acres, Beatitudes Campus is home to seven hundred residents and includes a host of amenities, such as a fitness studio, a swimming pool, a library, and numerous restaurants that are open to the public. Beatitudes Campus demonstrates how improvements can be made by introducing technology and their evidence based care model into dementia patient care.

Beatitudes Campus has conducted research into person directed dementia living for decades. The following interview describes the designed by Beatitudes researchers. Called Comfort Matters, this model has been introduced to thousands of long term care staff, medical providers, and students throughout the world.