Dementia touches not only the elderly but also their families and everyone around them. There is much that is not understood about this condition. As a result, those who live with dementia and their caregivers often experience rejection and isolation. The Dementia Action Alliance is a volunteer coalition engaged in changing the understanding of and attitudes toward dementia. The coalition serves as a trusted source for conversations, education, and advocacy.

In this interview, Jackie and Lon Pinkowitz and Karen Love discuss the mission and activities of the Dementia Action Alliance. They explain how the Alliance challenges the stigma of dementia by hosting conversational meetings for those living with dementia and community members.

The Dementia Action Alliance advocates for patient centered care for dementia patients and their caregivers. It has an online resource center that includes links to blogs, books, Facebook pages, reports, papers and other publications, videos and films, and websites designed to educate a variety of audiences about dementia from a variety of perspectives. The mission of the Dementia Action Alliance is to help create a world where people living with dementia can live full, productive, respected, and engaged lives, and their families and care partners are fully supported. The coalition strives to make inclusion in community life the standard for those living with dementia.