Leading the conversation on climate resilience at the Primary Care Forum

Leading the conversation on climate resilience at the Primary Care Forum

From November 13 – 14, ACCESS Health International served as the co-initiator for the Primary Health Care (PHC) Forum, organized by the Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI) in Jakarta.

ACCESS  organized a competence forum with the topic “Preparing for the Global South/LMICs for the Fight Against Climate Change”, focusing on the impact of climate change on health and non-health determinants, emerging and social needs, community adaptation to climate change, and their active participation in decision-making that impacts their lives and livelihoods.

The forum consisted of two-panel discussions that were moderated by Dr Krishna Reddy Nallamalla, President of ACCESS Health Asia, and Iman Hameed, Senior Consultant. Dr Uma Aysola, Director of Communications, Relations and Partnerships, served as emcee by laying the foundation for the sessions.

The first panel examined the intersection between climate and health, its role in healthcare planning, climate adaption in communities, and how fostering community decision-making is key to addressing healthcare challenges arising from climate change.

The second panel reflected on the challenges and opportunities faced by LMICs in confronting climate change; focused on prioritizing climate resilience on the government agenda, and various strategies to create climate-resilient healthcare systems; and effective and efficient methods of financing health system preparedness for climate change.