Abstract: Sustainable elderly care becomes increasingly challenging in a rapidly ageing world. Being the third oldest nation globally, Germany is facing significant societal changes and demographic pressures. Bold and far-reaching reforms to revolutionise senior care are urgently required. Here, we review Germany’s efforts to withstand the continuously increasing aging shift and propose how a novel community care system can be implemented to successfully prepare Germany for looking after its elderly population. We highlight international success stories in community care, ranging from neighbourhood care to intergenerational living, and recommend how these approaches may be tailored to optimally fit into the German system. Moreover, we demonstrate the to date unexplored potential of pioneering technologies, including robotics and integrated smart homes, to advance elderly care. We conclude this review by proposing how community care and digital technologies can be effectively integrated into German society to provide the reassurance of healthy ageing for every senior. With many countries facing similar issues, we hope this review can provide globally applicable solutions for providing sustainable, healthy ageing in times of demographic change.