At the heart of our work is the belief that all individuals, no matter where they live or what their age, deserve access to high quality, affordable healthcare. To help achieve this goal, ACCESS Health International and our partners at the World Bank and Results for Development created the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage. This report provides an overview of the network and its origins.

The Joint Learning Network brings together experts from twenty seven countries, providing them with a rare opportunity to reflect on and identify common challenges in achieving universal health coverage. Members of the network are almost exclusively healthcare practitioners working on the design and implementation of national healthcare reforms and experts in specific technical areas. Since its launch in 2010, the Joint Learning Network has created nearly twenty reports that member countries can adopt and adapt to fit local needs. The Steering Group of the Joint Learning Network is currently working on a new strategic plan for the network. The goal is to ensure the long term sustainability of the network and increase its impact in improving universal health coverage in member countries. We remain committed to our work within the network and in our support to members of the Joint Learning Network.

Countries that have used Joint Learning Network reports to implement national reforms say that the materials help them avoid common challenges and advance more quickly toward universal coverage. This document is an overview on work and reports produced by the Joint Learning Network for all seeking for solutions to improve the healthcare system.